Treed is a young tech company formed by seasoned professionals with extensive experience in Computer Animated Feature Films, Apps, Video Games and more. We provide software and video solutions, including creativity, content creation and development. And we are just getting started.

Our Services

Do Something Useful:
Make an App

Apps are the best way to bring the core of your business to your customers fingertips. It is the power of interactivity: when customers find out your App is useful, they will engage with it indefinitely and there will come the magic: loyalty. It is the power of interactivity: today's handheld devices are capable of 3D graphics only possible in console hardware a few years ago. If you think your business should profit from an interactive App, we can be your developer.

Deliver Your Message, Quickly:
Create a Short Film

The best way to convey your narrative and make your point effectively.  Whether you wish to illustrate your audience, make your new product shine, or simply want to tell the world your amazing story, this is the right way to go. Our offline renders will obtain feature-length movie quality visuals, both realistic or cartoonish, and make your subject look its best.

Engage with Innovation:
Simulate in Virtual Reality

We believe this is a great tool to engage your customers, with a potential of impact unlike any other media. It will make all the difference for your business if you want to associate it with the state-of-the-art. Participate of the last trends and differenciate yourself with technology. We offer real time 3D Graphics, low level coding, and careful user experience (UX) design, all of them requirements for a Virtual Reality solution where the user feels true Presence. Trust us and open today a window into the future.

Not just another animation studio.
The difference is in the ingredients:


3D Content & Animation

We create whole interactive user experiences, not just pretty images. Thanks to our coding skills your product will become alive, improve its quality, and arrive first. We program in native languages to obtain maximum performance and control: C/C++, Objective C, Swift, Java, Python and shader based Metal and OpenGL/WebGL, among others.

Our high quality models and animation design require creativity, painstaking care for details and usage of the best and most appropriate tools. Deadlines are our first priority, but at Treed we always foster professional pride and value craftmanship, as we belong to a generation whose most important tools are a pencil, a piece of paper and a focused, clear mind.



Technology is ephemeral and we know certain goals are hard to achieve. Even when the path ahead looks clear, our seasoned outlook on projects will have hidden costs factored in, to our best knowledge, so that you can make an informed decision. With our best intentions we will tell you that everything is possible, but also that it is our good judgement to strike the right balance between cost and benefit.

It is our creator's tool to improve the fundamental dialog between the people and the things they use. We believe good design is not just good looks or functionality, because a small detail becomes all important when you stumble on it everyday. Our presumption of choice is that users are always smart, busy, and love to travel light though life. Thats why we strive to make the best technology we can: our users value magic

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